Ko (Koh) Lanta

Ko (Koh) Lanta is not one island but the group of about 50 islands, islets and rocks, sticking out from the waves of the Andaman Sea. Its length is about twenty seven kilometres and its width is seven kilometres. The sea is crystal clear here and the water has 28 - 32° C in the high season.

Ko (Koh) Lanta flourishes from October to April, during the high season. The island offers a change of the holiday pace and style compared to the popular tourists places, such as on the island Phuket or on Koh Samui.

Saladan is the official capital and the centre of the island with shops (e.g. popular 7/11), authorities, port, tour offices, market and restaurants. An ATM and Wifi spots are also available. Most of the resorts are concentrated in the North and West coast of the main island, which is otherwise overgrown with dense jungle, the south tip is then almost untouched by tourism. There are not many roads, so that the island is very easy on the eye and much quieter than other built-up islands. It means that most of the tourists rent motorbikes and explore the island. The police here are entirely benevolent. To ride around the island with a bit of caution (run left) is quite common and it is probably impossible to get lost.

On the east coast of the island there are no beaches and thus the masses of tourists. The East stayed for the local, original inhabitants. It consists of fishing villages, mango growth, rubber tree plantations, sugar palm growth and other fields. Here you will find a community of Chinese merchants, sea Gypsies and traditional Thai fishing families. Other possible visits of interesting places are: butterfly farm, orchid garden, dangerous snakes show, Thai box arena and gym, several culinary schools, fruit market, street food stalls, mosques and stray cats and dogs.   

Ko (Koh) Lanta is tropical Thailand in the best quality, which offers kilometres of sand beaches without tourist crowds, lush tropical forests with life and authentic island villages. 


Dovolená Ko Lanta / Holiday Ko Lanta Dovolená Ko Lanta / Holiday Ko Lanta Dovolená Ko Lanta / Holiday Ko Lanta Dovolená Ko Lanta / Holiday Ko Lanta

Phi Phi island

One day trip from Ko (Koh) Lanta to Phi Phi  Island includes the transportation, lunch and non-alcoholic drinks in its price.

The first place in the imaginary ranking of the most beautiful places in the Krabi region belongs to Phi Phi archipélago.  Not in vain is Phi Phi together with the group of a few islets, 45 kilometres from Phuket, called as the “Pearls of the Andaman Sea”. The island is rocky and it is surrounded by wonderfully bright white beaches with fine sand and water, which achieves the purity of crystal.   

The Phi Phi archipélago consists of six islands. The largest one of them is Phi Phi Don, significantly smaller is Phi Phi Leh. The larger island Koh Phi Phi Don recalls the shape of an hourglass – the two parts of the island are connected with one kilometre wide neck. The remaining four islands are more than anything else just rocks, overgrown with lush vegetation and sticking out as warning finger of the sea.

Phi Phi Island was discovered as a tourist destination in the early 1980s, but until the year 2000 it was rather considered as a promised destination for independent travellers and backpackers. The change came after the release of the movie “The beach”. The movie itself did not live up to expectations of the creators and producers, but made the best advertisement for the entire archipélago.  

The Phi Phi archipélago is moreover a renowned diving site. Mainly in the spring months, when whale sharks appear in this area, the diving instructors are rushed of their feet. And also photographers have much to enjoy – local sceneries belong to the most impressive ones in the whole Thailand. 

The main street "Phi Phi City" is surrounded by a series of shops with a variety of souvenirs and you will not have much the feeling of being in the tropical island paradise here.


Ostrov Phi Phi / Phi Phi Island Ostrov Phi Phi / Phi Phi Island Ostrov Phi Phi / Phi Phi Island

Koh Rok Islands

One day trip to Koh Rok includes the transportation, lunch, non-alcoholic drinks and the rent of the snorkelling equipment in its price.

The best snorkelling close to Krabi? It is here, because of its remoteness and inaccessibility, it still retains its original beauty and it is probably the best place for snorkelling in the south Andaman Sea.   

Perfect, untouched corals, in the clear shallow water, with large flocks of tropical fishes and other sea animals are waiting for those, who take the 45-minutes ride from Koh Lanta. While snorkelling you feel as if you were swimming inside of a giant aquarium.

Koh Rok is the part of Koh Lanta National Marine Park and the islands themselves are stunning.

On Koh Rok Nok, the larger one of both islands, there is the seat of the Marine Park headquarters. There are also several bungalows, which you can book if you want and stay overnight in this beautiful nature and come back the next day with the tourist company.  

The island is also a place where excursion boats stop at lunch.

The second island Koh Rok Nai is mostly rocky, with small beach.

The excursion boats sail around the island and stop for snorkelling. Beautiful are the waterfalls on its west side. Their salty water falls down on the steep cliffs and the sea. From April the islands are closed (in the off-season), in order to rejuvenate the sea life, the trips are available only from November.

Koh Rok islands are situated about 60km from the shore of Koh Lanta, deeper in the Andaman Sea. On the island you will find deserted yellow beaches and magnificent diving. There will also be a few stops offered on the open water, suitable for snorkelling.


Ostrov Koh Rok / Ko Rok Islands Ostrov Koh Rok / Ko Rok Islands

Four Islands

One-day trip to Four Islands includes the transportation, lunch, non-alcoholic drinks and the rent of the snorkelling equipment in its price.

One of the most beautiful tours is the trip to Four Islands. It is Koh Poda, Koh Gai (Chicken Island), Koh Vana and Koh Muk and you will also stop on the amazing Phra Nang Cave Beach on the Railay Peninsula. This beach is inaccessible by the road and it is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

On the island Koh Muk there is the hidden emerald cave, which has a hidden lagoon in the middle.

This place is totally unique in the world. Here you can find the small beach, which is surrounded by rocks and it is possible to visit it only at low tide. However, even at this time it is a condition to be able to stay on this completely unique place to swim through the cave tunnel into the rocks.

The reward is indeed breath-taking.

There will also be a few stops offered on the open water, suitable for snorkelling.


Čtyři ostrovy / Four islands Čtyři ostrovy / Four islands

Bu Bu Islands

A one-day trip to Four Islands includes the transportation, lunch and non-alcoholic drinks in its price.

Tung Yee Peng is the nicest mango forest, which is located on the east cost of the island Koh Lanta.  The Tung Yee Peng Project is operated by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). Here you can learn about the nature, how the local people treat themselves from the natural resources and about the origin of the sea life in the south part of the Andaman Sea.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the monkeys and feeding them in the wild.

Koh Talabeng is located on the east cost of the Koh Lanta Noi Island. Koh Talabeng is the limestone island similar to Koh Phi Phi Lay. Koh Talabeng has several small beaches and it is the ideal place for relaxing swimming next to the magnificent steep cliffs at low tide. Later on you will get lunch on the small Koh Bu Bu Island, where you enjoy the swimming in peace on the beautiful beach. There is also a resort and a local restaurant.


Ostrovy Bu Bu / Bu Bu islands Ostrovy Bu Bu / Bu Bu islands

Ko (Koh) Lanta on elephants in jungle

One of the greatest experiences that tourists get from Ko (Koh) Lanta, is the elephant ride. In Europe we say that the most beautiful view of the world is that one from the horse back. It should be noted that even from the back of an elephant it is not bad at all.  

The elephant ride begins with getting up on its back. From the elevated step you will get up to the seat, which is attached to the elephant. Behind the elephant’s neck there is a mahúd sitting, the driver, who leads and controls the elephant for the whole time.

The rides are differently long and the view from above is impressive. You can talk with mahúd and try also the ride on the elephant’s neck. Usually it is being moved off into the jungle and the organizers of this attraction, the elephant’s breeders, assure that the ride is suitable even for children. Unlike the Egyptian drive on a camel, where it is difficult not to fall down into the Sahara sand under its legs, the elephant's back swings just slightly.

The last attraction (included in the trip price) is elephants feeding with bananas after returning from the ride. In the sweltering midday sun, when staying on the beach would be exhausting for many of us, you can freshen up in the shadow of the palm trees, banana trees and other jungle vegetation.


Ko Lanta do džungle na slonech / Ko Lanta on elephants in jungle Ko Lanta do džungle na slonech / Ko Lanta on elephants in jungle

Songkhla Lake

The largest Thai lake is located in the south part of the Songkhla Province and it extends into a part of Phatthalung Province. The picturesque and quiet lade with semi salty water is in the East connected with the Gulf of Thailand.

The length of the lake is approximately 80 km, the width ranges between 20 to 25 km and the total area is 365 km², with many larger and smaller islands, that do not have their own water sources.  The lake is covered with green sea grass and looks like a meadow in the middle of the sea. It is rich in various species of aquatic plants and aquatic life forms. According to the survey there are more than 250 different animal classes, and in addition to the large number of birds, 13 species of mammals living mainly on crabs, felines, hunting fishes and 25 species of reptiles, such as turtles, lizards, snakes and also a number of amphibians, shrimps etc. The studies estimate that at the time of nesting around 43 000 of birds dwells here. The lake is quite shallow, only about 1.2 metres deep, and so its warm waters are abundant in the vegetation, especially water lilies, lotuses, reed and water grass of many plant classes.  

From the shores of the lake it is possible to see the two islands: the Mouse and the Cat. This place is typical for the Songkhla Province, one of the most popular seaside centres in the south Thailand.

Tinsulanond Bridge crosses the Songkhla Lake as a part of the highway Nr. 408. It is the longest concrete bridge in Thailand and has two parts: the first one (1140 m) connects the coast of  Amphoe Mueang Songkhla at Ban Nam Krachai with the south coast of the Koh Yo Island; the second one (1 800 m) leads from the North of the island on the coast at Ban Khao Khiao. The bridge was opened on 25th September 1986.


Jezero Songkhla / Songkhla Lake Jezero Songkhla / Songkhla Lake Jezero Songkhla / Songkhla Lake

Ko (Koh) Lanta Diving

Another activity, possible to do on Ko (Koh) Lanta the island, is the diving. There are more than 20 diving schools.

The Ko (Koh) Lanta archipelago is considered as one of the best world locations for diving.  Moreover it is only an hour and a half trip to the famous scenic Koh Phi Phi archipélago, which is the Mecca for divers from all around the world. The Koh Ha archipélago  takes rank with its beauty, where the quantity of fishes exceeds the expectations and the dives are diversified by a large number of canals and small caves.

In local waters there is not a problem to meet mantas, morays, octopuses, leopard sharks, or whale sharks, even reef sharks that those more adventurous divers sometimes use as underwater taxi. Also here we find turtles, sea horses, cornet fishes, butterfly fishes, moray eels, blowfishes, barracudas and sea snakes with tuna fishes.

Other locations suitable for diving

Koh Bida - depth 10 - 22 m
Koh Rok - depth 7 - 18 m
Koh Ha - depth 7 - 30 m
King Cruiser Wreck - depth 14 - 32 m
Hin Daeng / Hin Muang - depth 12 – 70 m


Ko Lanta Potápění / Ko Lanta Diving Ko Lanta Potápění / Ko Lanta Diving Ko Lanta Potápění / Ko Lanta Diving Ko Lanta Potápění / Ko Lanta Diving

The thermal springs (Nam Tok Rawn)

The inland hills from the coast of Krabi are dotted with hot springs, some of which are interesting locations for the one day trip. One of them is a warm waterfall in the Klong Thom District.

In the warm spring the water temperature rises up around 40°C, from several springs and flows through the woods, until it trickles down into the river. In the course of the centuries were the minerals, dissolved in the water, stored on the rocks in such a way to create large pools of deep water. The sides of the pools are so steep that they look naturally.

One of the main minerals found in the water is cooper, which gives the rocky dark green colour. The wood, deep warm water, it is all very relaxing.  While soaking in the water is considered good for the human body, drinking the water is not recommended. In addition to copper and fluoride, the water also contains traces of lead.  

The trip to the thermal springs includes also the visit of Emerald Lake, which is not far away. It is a lovely warm lake, where you can take a bath and if you ascend on the footbridge up to the tributary, you will have a beautiful view of the Emerald Lake.


Termální prameny - The thermal springs (Nam Tok Rawn) Termální prameny - The thermal springs (Nam Tok Rawn) Termální prameny - The thermal springs (Nam Tok Rawn)

The National Park Mu Ko (Koh) Lanta

In the southern part of the island there is the national park consisting of the original primeval forest in the hilly terrain, sandy beach with the view of the lighthouse, visitor’s centre and a well-kept garden with several rare palms. The entrance is at the southern end of the small road, which winds along the western coast of the island. Around the small parking place are macaques waiting for the opportunity to capture something to eat. 

In the park the circular trail was built that leads through the jungle. It takes about an hour to go through, but it is pretty individual, because of the considerable elevation, which is not that easy to overcome in that heat and high humidity. After the walk you can have a bath in the sea and relax on the sandy beach.

Nature lovers should not miss the visit of the Sea National Park Mu Ko (Koh) Lanta, which was founded more than 20 years ago--in 1990. It includes 15 Islands and even a relatively large part of the main island of Ko (Koh) Lanta Yai.


Národní park Mu Ko Lanta / The National Park Mu Koh Lanta Národní park Mu Ko Lanta / The National Park Mu Koh Lanta Národní park Mu Ko Lanta / The National Park Mu Koh Lanta


Krabi is the Thai Province and its capital of the same name at the same time, which is located on the coast of the Andaman Sea, about two hundred kilometres from the Bangkok capital city.  

Krabi town is experiencing great development lately; the new resorts are being built, not only on the mainland but also on the smaller islands, located close to the coast.

Krabi has approximately twenty five thousand inhabitants and its own airport, which also grows with the increase of the tourism. In Krabi you can visit:

Su San Hoi – shell graveyard was formed about 40 000 000 ago. It is located between the Phra Nang Cape and the Krabi town. It is a fossilized sediment load of sea molluscs from the Cretaceous period.  

Hat Phra Nang – the magic beach. One of the most beautiful and photogenic beaches of Thailand is located to the west of the province capital, with its typical high steep rock walls– very often climbed by climbers.

Wat Tham Sua – the tiger cave temple. The Tiger Cave Temple is considered as the holiest temple of the Krabi Province by the Buddhists. It has the name Tiger, maybe because the close rocky projection is similar to tiger´s claw (paw). On the top of the mountain Ao Luk Than, at an altitude of 278 metres there is a golden statue of a sitting Buddha, 1272 stairs leads here. 


Krabi Krabi Krabi

Ko (Koh) Lanta Old Town

In the Old Town, only a few houses and one street are today. But most of the houses are authentic, with old unpainted boards and terraces over the sea.

Here on the terraces you can eat well, the pubs will definitely not be full of tourists. There are several shops and one tourist office. Very interesting on this part of the island is the fact that you will find the original inhabitants – the Sea Gypsies (Chao le) here, who still live their original life style. On the southern tip of the West coast you will find their original village.  


Ko Lanta staré město / Ko Lanta Old Town Ko Lanta staré město / Ko Lanta Old Town Ko Lanta staré město / Ko Lanta Old Town

Tham Khao Maikaeo Cave

The large cave complex is located approximately in the middle of the Koh Lanta Island.  There is an entrance fee but they will let you in the national park with the same ticket and you will get even English speaking guide in the caves.

Tham Khao Maikaeo is the cave complex on Koh Lanta, arising from interactions of limestone and water. Some of the caves have the dimensions of the Gothic Cathedral, the others are smaller, but all of them are equally impressive.  To the entrance into the caves leads about 30 minutes lasting hike up the steep hill, through the brook on the slippery rocks on same places.

The air temperature is above 30°C.  If you find the courage to slip inside through a tiny gap in the rock, the huge echoed domes and minor corridors with beautiful cave decorations are awaiting you as well as the bridges and ladders from the rotten bamboo, big spiders, mysterious sponges, ponds and waterfalls, the bats.

The imaginary top is then the underground lake. Some of the tourists are discouraged by the fact that this attraction is located in the middle of the jungle.

Other activities

Thai massages, motorbike rides, butterfly farm, snake show, monkey school, fishing in the sea and in the pond, Thai box etc.